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Help KPTZ continue bringing independent community radio to this vibrant part of the Olympic Peninsula. We are a non-profit organization and a non-commercial radio station that depends on your financial support. Whether your budget allows for a $5 or a $25,000 donation, we're grateful for your gift and consider you part of the KPTZ family.

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  • DJ $30
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  • Performer $120
  • Streamer $240
  • Broadcaster $500
  • Producer $1000
  • Spinner $2000
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How You Can Support KPTZ Without Making A Donation

We can never thank you enough for the financial support that makes our work possible. If you can’t afford to donate in these tough economic times you can still make a rewarding contribution to KPTZ by making it a part of your life. Get personal. Volunteer for one of our membership campaigns, community outreach events, on-site productions, or around the station and get to know us personally. Talk to us. Send us an e-mail to Let us know what you want to hear and keep us informed about important events in our community. Keep us in mind. Refer a business associate, family or a friend, a client or a peer to KPTZ for an individual membership, program underwriting or special event sponsorship. Pass it on. Tell people about us. If you value our service others may as well. Email a copy of our eNewsletter along to someone else who might enjoy the station. Stay tuned in. Keep your radio on 91.9 FM this spring at home, at work or in the car. The more listeners we have, the better we will become. Show your pride. Display our KPTZ bumper sticker on your car and let us know what other KPTZ merchandise you would want to have in your life.

Donate Your Old Car to KPTZ!

Don't know what to do with that old beater sitting in your driveway? If you donate your car to us through our vehicle donation program everyone wins! Simply contact us at 360. 379. 6886 and we'll take care of all the arrangements! It's a great way to support your local radio station and clean up your garage at the same time.

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